Kids of Character


Our Mission:

We realize that kids are not born with good moral character. It is our goal to help them build it up. Through fun, hands on presentations, we model and reinforce excellent morals and behavioral conduct in an educational environment. We help make character  and morals easy-to-understand through assemblies or educational programs that engage and challenge kids.

Our Purpose:

We seek to support the greater Ozarks area through educational programs that develop good character in children. We will assist school administrations and teaching staff in promoting appropriate behavioral patterns, and give children a better awareness of citizenship and responsibility in their own community. In addition, we seek to provide a template for the Kids of Character program or other similar programs nation wide.


Booking Information:

Kids of Character

Jim Gerhold

1132 6th Ave

Sidney, NE 69162

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Strengthening today’s kids through character and good decisions...